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6 of the most iconic pieces of jewellery in movies

Today when you go out to the movies, more often than not, you will notice that they tend to advertise certain jewellery brands. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Jewellery had actually made their big screen debut back in the 1930s; an era that is probably Hollywood’s most glamorous years. Over the course of time, jewellery in movies only began to gain momentum as they soon became a part of Hollywood’s classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Titanic. Along with their unmatched beauty, every piece has a special story of their own, some so interesting that they continue to inspire jewelers to this day.

From the stunning creations that graced some of Hollywood’s most iconic starlets to those that have become a part of pop-culture fandom, here are some of the most iconic pieces of jewellery you will see on the big screen. 


6. Carrie’s Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Carrie Bradshaw's black diamond engagement ring from sex and the city 2 -6 of the most iconic jewellery in movies

Image Credits: deantastic.wordpress.com

In terms of fashion, sex in the city has been able to inspire an entire generation. Though the movie may not have been a complete success, every woman will remember its final scene when Mr. Big presents Carrie with a 5 carat black diamond engagement ring while delivering this infamous line- ‘Because you’re not like anyone else’.


5. The Isadora Necklace

kate hudson's isadora necklace from how to lose a guy in 10 days -6 of the most iconic jewellery in movies

When we first watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, we’ll admit to letting out an incredulous sigh as we watched Kate Hudon’s character, Andie, is graced by the stunning yellow diamond necklace for the night. Valued at $5.3 million, the creation is an 84 carat creation by famed jeweler Harry Winston and is the most expensive piece of jewellery ever created for a film. Since the necklace turned out to be so glamour, the memorable yellow dress had to be specially made to match its beauty.


4. Heart of The Ocean

Image Credits: www.cornel1801.com

Titanic is probably the biggest movies of the 90s, and remains to be the most memorable not only for the flawless performance but also for the gorgeous blue diamond necklace. As per the story recited in the film, the diamond once belonged to Louis XVI and was cut into the shape of a heart after the French Revolution. Inspired by the Hope Diamond, the $250 million piece is actually a prop again made by Harry Winston. However after the success of the film, the jeweler was commissioned to make a real replica, resulting in $4 million necklace that featured a 170 carat sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds. The actress who played the older Rose, wore the necklace to the 1997 Oscars and was dubbed the most expensive piece of jewellery to be worn to the prestigious awards show.


3. Holly Golightly’s Tiffany Necklace and Tiara

tiffany pearl and diamond necklace and tiara from breakfast at tiffany's- 6 of the most iconic jewellery in movies

A world classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s even though an adaptation of the Truman Capote novel, it has been able to draw quite a few eyes on the luxurious brand. In the famous opening scene,  Golightly is shown wearing a marvelous Givenchy gown draped in an opulent  Tiffany pearl and diamond necklace topped with a delicate tiara, forever associated with the fashion icon ‘impeccable sense of style.


2. The One Ring

the one ring from lord of the rings- 6 of the most iconic jewellery in movies

The most powerful of ring in the fictional Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series, the One Ring is a piece of jewellery that has garnered the most pop-cultural fandom.  Portrayed as an object of evil and greed in the films, there were a total of 15 reproductions of the ring used in the film, all in 18K gold by Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith in New Zealand.


1. The Pink Panther

the pink panther diamond from the pink panther- 6 of the most iconic jewellery in movies

Image Credits: aboutdiamondsandgemstone.blogspot.in

Probably the most famous pink diamond, the fictitious Pink Panther diamond gained fame after the release of the film in 1963. Not many know this, but the fictional flawless pink diamond got its name because of the flaw that resembled a leaping panther at its center. After gaining much popularity, the diamon became the center of the plot for eleven of the subsequent films in the series.


All images, unless otherwise mentioned, have been sourced from Tumblr

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