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Come festive season and everyone is scurrying around in preparation for the upcoming festivities. But just like any great festival, celebrations go on for about more or less than a week, and this probably means that you get to celebrate wholeheartedly with everybody you know.

Traditionally, a salwar kameez or an anarkali would be your first choice of clothing to these celebratory parties, but with trends ethnic wear has evolved into something that is a lot more than that.

So, instead of seeking out the usual this season, why not try some of the biggest trends spotted at Lakme Fashion Week and add a little zing to your growing eclectic style.

5 ways to style trends from Lakme Fashion Week Festive/ Winter 2016 - Shirt+Sari combination

Shirt+Sari Combination

An upgrade from the regular choli-saree combination, why not pair your saree with a shirt or a crop top? All you have to do is pick a blouse that complements the saree and wear your handlooms with pride. If you wear want to go the extra mile, you can even pair them up with a pair of jeans or leggings and experiment with different drapes, have pleats on the side or maybe even have no pleats at all.

5 ways to style trends from Lakme Fashion Week Festive/Winter 2016- Cape Tops

Cape Tops

In addition to making you feel like super woman, cape tops can add an element of ease and comfort into your well-thought-out ensemble. Though many may claim cape tops to be unflattering, it is all about the way you style it. Pick a design that enhances the favourite part of your body; if you've got great broad shoulders, try on a design that is off-shouldered, or if you want to draw attention to those fine toned abs, then try something that has a shorter hemline.  

 5 ways to style trends from Lakme Fashion Week Festive/ Winter 2016 - Soft Coats

 Soft Coats

They can keep your whole look together by sheltering it from the wind or even add oomph and colour to your stunning boardroom trouser-suit. Instead of going for the regular work blazer, try combing a colourful wrap coat with a classy pair of trousers, and transition effortlessly for date night by simple swapping your blouse for a simple bustier top.

5 ways to style trends from Lakme Fashion Week Festive/ Winter 2016 - Billowing Trousers

Billowing Trousers

You may want to tread easy on this trend because it is one of those that can go wrong really quickly.  Be it culottes, wide legged trousers or a pair of dhoti pants, always make sure that you maintain balance by playing up with volume with a formfitting top- you don’t want to look like you’re floating in a sea of cloth. With a pair of flowy trousers, you can also infuse the look with a touch of ethnic appeal by pairing it with a stunning embroidered choli or a crop top.

5 ways to style trends from Lakme Fashion Week Festive/ Winter 2016 - Sweatshirt Dress

Sweatshirt Dress

For those who love the unconventional, word on the street is that the reinvented sweatshirt dress is making its mark this season. Pick a dress that is embellished and colourful, pair it with a sheer netted shirt and a pair of sneakers and watch those eyes linger.


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