To use our Ring Size Guide, click hereΒ  to download and print.

Method 1 : How to Use The Size Guide

1. Simply print the Ring Size Guide available above, on an A4 size sheet of paper.

2. Take a plain band and rest it flat against the chart of ring size circles.

3. Run it along the chart till you find a perfect match.

4. The match should fit perfectly inside the ring.

5. You can use our size converter available on our website for other standard sizes.

Method 2 : How To Use The Size Strip

1. Print the template of the size strip that is available on the Size Guide.

2. Make sure that the strip measures exactly 2 inches wide.

2. Wrap the strip around the base of your or your knuckle (for Midi Rings Only) of the finger you intend to wear the ring.

3. Mark the point where the strip meets.

4. Lay the strip against a ruler and note the measurement of the diameter. This is your ring size.

5. Use the size converter to get the corresponding size in the Standard Indian Size.


Tips to help you use the Ring Size Guide and get the most accurate size:

Knowing your ring size is crucial before buying a ring to ensure that it fits perfectly. Here are some tips to help you find your ring size and get it right the first time.

1. As funny as this may sound, thermal expansion happens to fingers too- they expand when they get warm and shrink in the cold. So you may want to measure your fingers when they are neither warm nor cold.

2. Fingers are largest towards the end of the day. If you are using a size strip, this is preferably the best time to measure your fingers.

3. Our hands may defer slightly in size; so rings may not fit as snug on the same fingers of the other hand.

4. If your knuckles happen to be larger than the base of your fingers, and you are using our printable size guide, measure the base of your fingers and knuckles, and select a size between the two.

5. If you are buying a ring what has a wide band, for the sake of comfort, move up a size.

6.In case your ring size is between whole and half sizes, choose the bigger ring size.

7. When using our ring size, try using a plain band. They give you the most accurate size.

8. Avoid using wide band rings on the guide, because they tend to be slightly smaller than usual.

9. Try to avoid using rings with large stones when using the size guide; they cause the shank to lift up when laid flat, giving you a distorted ring size.

10. When using the guide, remember that the ring size circle should fit perfectly inside the rings.

11. All measurements noted are according to the Standard Indian Size Chart.