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When you think of smart jewellery, the first thing to hit your mind are the various high-tech gadgets Q designs for James Bond. Although those pieces have been some farfetched idea of the future, today there is exceptional hype over this technological development.

Ever since the release of the Google Glass in 2012, there has been a surge in wearable technology and many brands have caught up with the idea, developing some of the most ingenious inventions seen today.

Millenials may argue that smart jewellery has been around for while, the infamous Casio calculator, but these devices have become more that just a chucky slab of plastic that can do much more than just solve your math problems.

Brands founded by women’s wear designers, MIT students etc. have created some beautiful designer jewellery with smarts that include fitness tracking, notifications, alerts and a lot more. These innovations are clearly just the beginning as the next generation of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are only going to get better as they are developed to connect with one another.

Until mini computers concealed by diamonds are designed, have a look at four pieces of smart jewellery that everyone seems to be buzzing about.


Image Credits: Intel.com


A bit on the expensive side, the MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) is a smart bracelet designed for the stylish, connected women coated in 18K gold and a sapphire glass touchscreen display. They currently sell two different bracelets. One is made from black water snake skin, pearls and lapis lazuli stones, and the other is crafted from white water snake skin, featuring tiger’s eye and obsidian. The bracelet allows you to easily view messages, your calendar, and alerts from your curated VIP contacts.

Image Credits: BeKovert.com

3. Be Kovert

Being Kovert is a jewellery brand that is all about using your time wisely, and taking control of your bad digital habits. Encouraging you to dwell deeper and connect with yourself, their jewellery empowers you to step away from your martphone by sending vibration alerts from certain people or specific keywords that are pre-defined by you.

 Image Credit: CUFF.io

2. CUFF Smart Jewellery

Supported by Bluetooth Low Energy, Cuff is a line of cuffs, necklaces, pendants and keychains that interact with your phone. Similar to Ringly, CUFF jewellery provides the basic notifications as well as provides the popular fitness tracking along with emergency alerts, which allow you to alert chosen contacts when you need help.

Image Credit: Ringly.com

1. Ringly

Ringly creates 18 carat gold rings that are set with a choice of emerald, rainbow moonstone, pink sapphire, black onyx, and tourmalated quartz. All you have to do is connect the ring to your phone via Bluetooth, and it will notify you about the various things that matter most to you- meetings, calls, texts, Facebook and Twitter notifications- with its custom colour and vibration patterns.

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