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Ways to wear jewellery to work

Dressing for work can be tricky business, but when done right, jewellery can be the perfect way to improve and enhance your office style. It’s time you put your men-in-black trouser-suits sans accessory style away, and follow these tips to become the newest style guru at work.

1. Remove one accessory before leaving the house

As the infamous quote by Coco Chanel goes, ‘Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror, and remove one accessory’. Some of us have a tendency to go overboard with our jewellery; stacking and layering, giving a shot at all the latest trends we see. But, you need to know the dress as per the dress code of the office. Some of us may work in creative fields, so we have leeway to flash stacks of jewellery at work. But, for those working at more conventional corporate offices where flashy jewellery is a big no-no, it is simply better to have either a necklace or a pair of earrings than both.

Endowment Diamond Pendant - Radiant Bay

2. Wear one statement piece

Statement jewellery is big chunky pieces that can make a mundane outfit look striking and unique. Go bold and up the ante in the boardroom with a piece of statement jewellery. Layer your suit with some bracelets. But, if you’re a girl on a budget you can try this statement pendant instead.

Worldly Wise Diamond Bracelet- Radiant Bay

3. Wear only one accessory- Earrings!

Work-wear calls for a classy polished pair of earrings. You can go for bold oversized studs or a subtle drop earring; these will keep your looking effortless, keeping you going from your day at the office to happy-hours after work with ease.

Test the waters with the Spry Diamond Studs, from Radiant Bay.

 Spry Diamond Studs

4. Stack ‘em up

Imagine you’re at work staring down at your keyboard all day, and your spirit is brightened when you see a stack of sparkling jewels on your finger. Try piling on some of your favourite rings; you can even mix and match colours, and motifs. Just try to avoid going overboard. You don’t want to distract everybody at work if you’re dripping in diamonds.

Forge Diamond Band RingDazzle Diamond Band RingWeave Diamond Band Ring

We’re on a mission to eliminate all fashion faux paus and decode all the latest trends. For more style tips check How to Accessorize Your Necklines

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