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Eternal Spark - The finite history of the infinity symbol
They say the simplest symbols are the ones with the richest meanings. Well, the infinity sign is undeniably one of them. Within its fluid lines runs a wealth of complex meanings that has escaped many of us.
Infinity comes from the Latin word infinitas, meaning boundless. To iterate the true definition of something that is unlimited, endless and without bounds, John Wallis, an English mathematician, introduced this symbol in the 17th centruy. Also known as a lemniscate, the infinity sign is often used as a mathematical number, but various ancient and modern cultures have approached the symbol differently.
Throughout history there have been various interpretations of this infinity symbol. In mythology, the infinity sign is identified as a variation of the ouroboros. The ouroboros is an age-old image of a snake eating its own tail, continually devouring it and being reborn from itself; symbolizing time and the continuity of life. However, in modern mysticism, the lemnicaste seen on the Magician Card represents infinite possibilities and power.
Having neither a beginning nor end, there is also a belief that the infinity symbol is a reflection of the unending continuum of life and time. The symmetrical design of the symbol echoes an impression of balance; its loops implying equality between opposing forces- death and rebirth, love and hate, light and day- an eternal dance of the cosmos.
Inspired by the symbol, Radiant Bay presents a collection of infinity jewellery to epitomize the purest definition of modern-day women- limitless and unbounded.
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