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how to accessorize your neckline

Many of us have spent hours staring aimlessly at our wardrobes overflowing with outfit options, mentally pairing the right clothes and the right shoes. After finally having found what we’ve been looking for, our focus shifts to accessories!

Picking out the right piece of jewellery can sometimes be a lot harder than usual. It can be tough to decide whether to pair a bold statement piece with a strapless dress, or if a one-shoulder can be worn with a necklace. Although accessories can help complete your look, too much can sometimes take away from your outfit. Here is a jewellery cheat sheet to help you figure out what is the best piece of jewellery to pair with different necklines.

how to accessorize your neckline- scoop neck

Scoop neck: these necklines are the easiest to accessorize. Pair your scoop necks with jewellery that follows the contour of the neckline. Try a long necklace if the neckline is high, and a short necklace or chocker if the neckline is low.

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how to accessorize your neckline- one shoulder

One Shoulder: Because of the asymmetric design of this neckline, it is best you team it up with a pair of earrings. Drop or dangle earrings are excellent choice of earrings to pair with this neckline.

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how to accessorize your neckline- boat neck

Boat: Add length to your look, and enhance your shoulders and collarbone with a long necklace.

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how to accessorize your neckline- strapless

Strapless: a strapless neckline is most flexible in terms of jewellery options. Avoid covering up the skin with a big piece of chucky jewellery. Try a pair of huggie earrings to highlight the neck and collarbones. It’s a great way to make a statement without overpowering the dress.

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how to accessorize your neckline- halter neckline

Halter: this neckline is one of the trickiest to accessories. You can either leave your neck bare, or liven your look by layering multiple strands of delicate jewellery.

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how to accessorize your neckline- cowl neck

Cowl: Because the details of the cowls are already decorative, skip the necklace and add a pair of sparkling studs.

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