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why is Cut important for your diamond

Diamonds shimmer and dance in the light. We’ve all been enraptured by the reflected specs of confetti, but all diamonds are not the same. There are key characteristics that help define the quality of a diamond: The 4Cs.

At this point, your eyes have probably glazed over thinking this is another lecture on the 4Cs of a diamond. Well, we aren’t here to give you a thesis on the qualities of a diamond, but to help you make the most of your diamond purchases.  

We all know the basics of diamonds, that diamonds are colourless, IF diamonds are internally flawless and that we would really love to own a 10 carat diamond. But, when it comes to cut the first thing that would probably come to mind would be a couple of your favourite diamond shapes like, round, radiant or princess. However, a diamond’s shape is only a part of why ‘cut’ is important to your diamond.

Out of the 4Cs, cut is the most important quality. It allows the diamond to perform in the spotlight. When a diamond is mined its carat, colour and clarity are predefined by Mother Nature, but it remains a worthless rock till it is handled by craftsmen. Rough, uncut diamonds do not sparkle, and there is neither fire nor brilliance until it is cut by skilled lapidaries who meticulously grind and polish every facet to perfection.

Diamond Cut Chart

Facets of a diamond are like a hall of mirrors; its angles, proportions and alignment direct light into the diamond, bouncing around and around, never escaping. The angles, proportions and alignment of these facets are what the cutter tries to perfect. If diamonds are cut too deep or too shallow, light will leak through it, without reflecting any sparkle.

Cut also helps create patterns within the diamond. Most people end up choosing the round brilliant because its 58 facets perform the best in light. Ideal round cut diamonds even create a Heart and Arrow pattern; a perfectly symmetrical pattern of eight arrows when view through the crown, and eight symmetrical hearts when view through the pavilion. Small diamonds have the same number of facets, so designs that have clusters of diamonds will have a whole lot of sparkle. That is why small diamonds are almost always round.

Brilliant cut round diamond

Many brands, like Radiant Bay, have high standards and only use high quality, well cut diamonds. At Radiant Bay, we make sure that all our diamonds have very good proportions to maximize sparkle and brilliance, no matter how big or small our diamonds are. Rather than taking our word for it, we recommend looking at lots of diamonds side-by-side. This will train your eyes to recognize the difference that cut makes to your diamonds. After all, who wouldn’t like to sit and stare at a bunch of shimmering diamonds?

We all want quality gemstones that last forever. Go behind the loupe and learn more about Clarity and why it is important.

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