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drop and dangle earrings by Radiant Bay

Drop earrings are simply studs with a pendant that dangles just below the ears. For many years, women have been enjoying this popular styled ornament.

Its inception began over five thousand years ago, in 2500 BC, when the women of Sumer were the first to be adorned by gold hoops. Later, in 500 BC, the Greeks developed the, then popular, gold discs into the drop earrings we know today.

However, these earrings never featured brilliantly cut diamonds till the Middle Ages, when diamond cutting was invented. Till then the brilliance of todayโ€™s diamonds was nonexistent. Over the course of time, jewellery making has evolved to include precious stones, allowing us to be decked in dazzling diamonds. Today, the drop earrings have become quite popular, donned not just by stars walking the red carpet, but by every woman who embraces her ever evolving style with an added hint of sparkle; bewitching everybody around her.

Inspired by the discreet simplicity of the drop itself, Radiant Bay has created a collection of drop and dangle earrings. Understated with polished glamour, our earrings are designed to give women the power to add grace and sparkle to their day- the perfect combination for the office, and just right for happy hours after work.

We've tried on all the sparkling Radiant Bay drop and dangler earrings to pick our top favourites.

Exceptionally Arresting Dangle Earringsย 

Archetype Work Wear Earrings

Tilt Diamond Dangler Earrings

Tilt Diamond Dangler Earrings

ย Ravishing Artistry Diamond Earrings

Ravishing Artistry Diamond Earrings


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