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When it comes to the rules of accessorizing, Coco Chanel says it best - ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.’ Sometimes the best way to look as chic as ever is to keep jewellery to a bare minimum.

Recently, there has come about a change in the sort of jewellery that people have been wearing. Jewellery has now switched from chunky and heavily studded to more dainty and delicate pieces.  

Now your jewellery box may have a couple of eye-catching pieces that pack a whole lot of punch, but you can still make a statement with delicate jewellery without it being big, loud and in-your-face.

This time around you don’t have to hunt for that one glamorous necklace or a pair of shoulder grazing earrings, but a few delicate pieces that will do the trick. Luckily, these killer pieces have become easier to find, and are more affordable than ever.

If you’re thinking that dainty jewellery is boring, then you’re highly mistaken. We are revealing some of our favorite pieces, as well as creative tricks to help you update your style statement to demure and classy.

dainty minimalist pendants at radiant bay

1. Layering Necklaces

Tinier pieces work best on shorter necklaces and vice versa. You can balance your necklaces by layering tinier pieces closer to the neck and gradually layering necklaces of longer lengths.

minimalist bracelet at Radiant Bay

 2. Pair different types of bracelets together

You can play with different silhouettes and styles to make your wrists look more interesting. Combine skinny bracelets with charms to give the stack a bit of a personality.

 minimalist rings at Radiant Bay

3. Don't be afraid to mix metals

There really is no wrong way to mix metals.  Rose goes well with yellow gold, so does silver. Play with your metals and try pairing rings and bracelets together. They will definitely stack and make your look all the more fresh and understated.

Minimalist midi rings at Radiant Bay

4. Find your balance when stacking rings

When stacking rings you need to find the right balance -- think of it as Feng Shui for your hands. You can look classy and put-together by pairing a few simple pieces. Stack a few rings on a finger, at a more geometric one for your middle and a few midi rings to pull it all together.

5. Don't forget to take them off before you sleep or workout

Dainty pieces may feel like you aren’t wearing any jewellery but because they are delicate they will tangle and break easily. Always remember to remove your jewellery before sleeping or working out. Avoid wearing them to the pool or while showering as they will get dirty or tarnish when exposed to chlorine or other chemicals.

We’re on a mission to eliminate all fashion faux paus and decode all the latest trends. For more style tips check Which Finger Your Rings Should Be Worn On?

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