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What is the difference between fine and imitation jewellery

“Would you ever hawk over true brilliance of a natural diamond than settle for buying the beauty of imitations?”

Well, when we were posed this question, many of our first reactions were ‘Hell Yes’. But as we ventured beyond the walls of the Radiant Bay office, we didn't find as many women reiterating the same enthusiastic proclamation.

Apparently while some of us enjoy long periods of gawking at diamonds, there are others who well, lets just say settle for imitated beauty. So in order to convert these naysayers to fine jewellery aficionados, if not hoarders of these precious treasures, our team set out to talk to a couple of women about fine jewellery, and why in invariably wins over imitation.

Here is the distillation of that conversation- the one that lead more than half of them to jump into our bandwagon of Ornamentalists.

Imitation stones don’t sparkle as much

Imagine this crazy moment. You’re walking by a store displaying its best diamond jewellery. You stop in your tracks as you are pulled in by the hypnotic sparkle of the diamonds on display. Now tell me how many times have you been drawn in by the sparkle of imitation diamonds, or zircons as they are called? Almost never...This is because even though the stones set into costume jewellery are cut to look like an original diamond, they have a very glassy structure which means they don’t have the true brilliance and sparkle of a natural diamond.

A penny spent is a penny earned

We have heard this numerous of times, “fine jewellery is just too expensive for my liking”. But even though this may be true, the value of gold is rising every year. So even though you may shell out a few bucks for some sparkling precious jewellery, you will not only recover that money but even make some money off of it.

Precious metals are hypo-allergenic

There are many out there who tend to be allergic to the different metals that are used to make imitation jewellery. No matter how careful you are, you end up with red, itchy skin. But, precious metals like, gold and silver that are used to make fine jewellery are known to be hypo-allergenic, meaning your skin will not react to it. At Radiant Bay we like to say that karats a day keep allergies away.

Fine jewellery lasts forever

Sure there are imitations out there that come in the best possible finish and quality, but eventually you will realise that they start losing its lustre. You may even see that a couple of stones set have even fallen off. This is because imitations are simply made from cheaper metals and stones, and due to its natural make up it will start oxidising; leaving you with a useless piece that you will eventually be thrown away. But with fine jewellery, if taken care of properly, it can last long enough to become the next family heirloom.

And they make pretty good story tellers too

Because fine jewellery has the ability to last long enough to withstand the test of time, it passes through many hands and within their grains they carry many tales of past owners. Anyone hear of the Hope Diamond, one of the most notorious piece of jewellery that’s out there?

At Radiant Bay we like to believe that jewellery should cater to every woman’s evolving style, allowing you to mix and matching jewellery to suit your every mood. To help you in your endeavour of constant experimentation with your look and style, we have developed a catalogue of statement making pieces at affordable prices. From simple studs to bold statement rings, you will find it only at Radiant Bay.


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