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The Latest Jewellery Additions

15% Off
Adorable Abstract Ensemble

₹ 14,854 from ₹ 12,625

15% Off
Classic Black & White Diamond Ensemble

₹ 18,451 from ₹ 15,682

15% Off
Cluster Drop Ensemble

₹ 14,921 from ₹ 12,682

15% Off
Clustered Heart Ensemble

₹ 17,369 from ₹ 14,763

15% Off
Clustered Infinity Drop Ensemble

₹ 37,051 from ₹ 31,492

At Radiant Bay we are on a mission to brighten every jewellery box with sparkling pieces of art that every woman wants to wear. Developed into the ultimate online sanctuary for jewellery aficionados, with Radiant Bay you can search and discover finely crafted jewellery from anywhere, at any time.

Built on a vision to allow you to indulge in impeccable pieces of luxury, we give you exactly what you want- an unparalleled collection of wearable designs encrusted with natural diamonds at unbelievably affordable prices, making all your purchases absolutely guilt-free! Read More