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Weddings in India are like an event in itself. You have days filled with tons of vibrant colours, music, dance and scrumptious food, but nothing beats the fact that your best friend is getting married. Now since you are ‘the best friend’ that probably means that she has appointed you to be her maid of honour. Though the role calls for being part organizer, part emotional lifesaver while looking your best, you don’t want to overshadow the bride on her big day.

What to wear to your best friends wedding- Mehendi

For a ceremony as traditional as mehendi, a romantic sari is a must-have for any wedding. Go for saris that are in rich, rich hues of pink and gold with paisley details and embellishments to add to the look. You can even try experimenting with different draping styles- pleat your sari to the side or wear it over a pair of narrow legged pants. When it comes to accessories, keep the jewellery to the minimum- a pair of delicate drop earrings and a pendant will suffice, as you don’t want your rings and bangles stained with henna by the end of the day.

what to wear to your best friends wedding- sangeet

An ideal look for your best friend’s sangeet, you can never go wrong with the classic- black and white; you can even compliment these colours by completing the look with gold jewellery. Opt for playful prints with a mix of flowing layers, you can keep it simple with accessories just to that it doesn’t come in the way of all the dancing that you will be doing.

what to wear to your best friends wedding- ceremony

There is always alot of last minute running around for different things on ‘the day’ so you may want to keep your look as simple and light as possible. Choose light colours with a touch of embroidery, with jewellery that won’t get in the way. Don’t forget to pack in a couple of tissues for those tear jerking moments.

what to wear to your best friends wedding- reception

Go for the classic and play with different jewel tones, especially if it is a winter wedding reception. You can try mixing colours and embroidery that complement each other or you can go for a monochromatic combination. Pile on jewellery that best matches the ensemble- you can never go wrong with layering jewellery.


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