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Most of us have had that moment of awe when we first laid eyes on a diamond. Over the years, diamonds have come to be one of the most popular gemstones on earth. There is a stereotype out there that it’s always women who swoon over diamonds, but if you’ve really paid attention you’ll notice that men too are victims of their inexplicable brilliance.

So what is it about the diamond that has captured everyone’s hearts, minds and maybe even their souls? In the interest of never having to justify ourselves when our eye glaze over the next time we’re in the presence of a diamond, here’s what makes diamonds everybody’s best friend.

Their impressive journey to the top

There are a lot of superlatives for diamonds that separates them from everything on earth. They are the hardest natural material, the best conductor of heat, but the most remarkable fact about diamonds is their formation. Today, every diamond we see are crystals that were almost perfectly formed 100 miles below the surface of the earth, and have survived a violent, rapid volcanic eruption to bring it to the earth’s surface and then found or mined.

Their association with love

Traditionally diamonds have always been viewed as a symbol of everlasting love. The ancient Greeks may have even been a bit of a romantic sort, because they helped romanticise the significance of diamonds by their enchanting interpretation of the rocks; comparing the fire of the stones to the flame of indistinguishable love.

Their incomparable strength

Combined with their turbulent journey to the surface of the earth, diamonds are fascinating gemstones that are commonly known for their magnificent durability. Rating 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, diamonds have often been viewed as a symbol of strength- their name itself is derived from the Greek word adamas meaning unbreakable. Diamonds are so strong that they are cut and faceted by diamonds themselves- talk about fighting fire with fire.

Their fascinating myths and lore

Historically, there are accounts from the ancient ages when it was believed that diamonds may have had magical powers. As a result, diamonds have been used to draw out harmful toxins, ward off evil spirits and to even bring balance and clarity to its wearer. Greek philosopher Plato was even said to have believed that gemstones were a mere consequence of fermentation in the stars, where a diamond actually formed the kernel of gold bearing mass.

They are great on jewellery... especially engagement rings

Although this custom has been around since the ancient Egyptians, the first well-documented account of a diamond engagement ring was that of a romantic Austrian aristocrat who got engaged by presenting a diamond ring to his fiancé.

They can be as big as an ostrich egg

Well.. maybe not literally, but there are a large number of diamonds that have gained fame because of their size. From the 3,106 carat Cullian diamond, the biggest rough diamond ever discovered, to the 189.6 carat Black Orlov and every other in between have made their mark in history for their rare size and even rarer quality.

... and they come in various colours

Widely recognized for their colourlessness, fancy coloured diamonds have begun gaining popularity today. Fancy coloured diamonds are natural, rare and truly exotic- coming in a range of hues and intensity, depending on their quirks and the type of impurities in them.

All our favourite stars wear them

Whenever you see a celebrity wearing diamonds, they emulate total decadence. Stars from the golden years to modern times have been snapped wearing diamonds worth millions on the red carpet, but Elizabeth Taylor is someone who’s love for diamonds are more prominent. She was often seen wearing the 33 carat Krupp Diamond, and was also the proud owner of the 69 carat Taylor-Burton diamond.

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