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Psychological Reasons for buying diamond jewellery

1. I’m worth it

Right or wrong, some people measure self-worth by the size and quality of the diamond jewellery they receive. “If he spends three month’s salary on an engagement ring, then I know I’m really important to him.” This can also be applied to the quality and value of diamond jewellery that a person may buy for himself. Taking into consideration how much a person can afford, often their purchase will reflect the degree to which they believe they deserve the jewellery.

2. Let’s celebrate

When there is a family celebration, or other special events that arise, the elemental nature of the diamond jewellery given reflects both the joy and importance of the celebration. This could be the birth of a child, marked by the mother receiving diamond jewellery from the father, or a couple celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary, marking 60 years of marriage!

3. I did it!

Either in recognition of one’s own accomplishment or of someone else’s, diamond jewellery is a natural choice after overcoming challenges and achieving a significant goal. “Yes! I finally got promoted to VP. Now I can buy myself that fancy college ring that I’ve been wanting all these years.”

4. I want something truly special

The rarity of a diamond itself, and its combination of the 4Cs, make all diamonds one-of-a-kind. Presenting a diamond to a loved one can be an expression of this. “Your inner beauty is as unique as this diamond. Please accept this gift as a reflection of all of your virtues.”

5. Reflecting Diamonds Qualities

Some may buy diamond jewellery for himself or others as an expression of an individual’s dazzling, distinctive, radiant personality. Other qualities that may also be reflected here are: reliability, inner strength, fire and sparkle. “The qualities I see in myself, I choose in the diamonds I wear. I am a vibrant, strong, stable person.”

6. Making the right impression

Generally speaking, when it comes to giving diamonds, this is a male motivation, though occasionally women purchase diamond jewellery with this motivation as well. “These diamond bangles will show her how much I care and want to be there for her.”

7. The Promise of a diamond

It's that moment when a man realise that today is his anniversary and he doesn't have a present for his wife! Only a lavish gift will redeem him, and diamond jewellery is the answer. Demonstrating the investment in her happiness shows that she is at the top of his mind. “I don’t know what to get her and time is running out. Well, I can’t go wrong with a diamond, she’ll love it.”

8. Redemption

Saying sorry, or the need to make a point of how important a person is to you can be well expressed with diamond jewellery. The symbolism of a diamond as a stone that lasts forever and survives adversity to sparkle on, appeals to this motivation. “I am not sure where I stand in her eyes, and I want to let her know how important she is to me. This heart pin with the little diamond in it should express this.”

9. Purely a gift

As diamonds transcend function, giving diamond jewellery means expecting nothing in return. “I’m giving her a diamond and not a household item because I want her to know that she is appreciated by this family for so much more than just the hard work she carries out every day."


Good reasons to buy diamonds online

By buying diamond jewellery online, you can buy a piece of jewellery at the best price / quality ratio, while enjoying a wide selection of products as well as personalised service. By buying diamond jewellery online, you can buy a piece of jewellery at the best price / quality ratio, while enjoying a wide selection of products as well as personalised service.

Diamonds at a smashing price

On the Internet, diamond prices are usually 30% to 50% lower than those of physical stores. E-retailers have the ability to offer exceptional prices because they are more competitive than the jewellers who own a standard shop. Buying diamonds on the Internet does not require any travelling and easily let you compare the price / quality ratio of the jewel.

Quality assurance

To ensure product quality, it is very important to remember the 4Cs, namely: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut, as a seller would recommend you in a shop:

- The Carat refers to the weight of the diamond (1 carat = 0.2 grams)

- Colour corresponds to a shade of white designated by different letters. The stones in the categories D and E are whiter. From the letter I, the diamond begins to take a slight yellow coloration.

- Clarity is the degree of purity and the purest stones generally carry the indication IF or internally flawless.

- Cut refers to the cut of the diamond. Like colour, the cut quality is expressed by letters. EX means Excellent, while P is a very low quality (Poor).

Tailor made jewellery

On the Internet, the possibilities for customising a diamond jewel are many, namely: flat, slightly-curved, domed, round, half set, etc. The finish can be polished or mat, the thickness depends on personal taste.


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