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Consider this job posting:

"No degree or prior experience required; salary and hours non-negotiable; no paid benefits; lifelong tenure.”

Would you be surprised to learn than 85 million Americans now hold this position?

Their job title is Mom.

In some parts around the world, this Sunday is dedicated to the mothers out there. For Mother’s Day, we’ve rounded up sites on motherhood, parenting, and family.

Mothers give up a lot for their jobs:  their waistlines, sleep, the backseat of their cars, years of peace and quiet. They’d even give their lives. Take the example of the mother who lay down in front of her unattended car rolling downhill with her twin-daughters strapped inside. Many moms hearing that story probably found such an extraordinary action completely understandable.

Fortunately, a mother’s mettle is rarely put to the test by runaway cars.  A more frequent challenge for moms is watching their kids rolling toward financial trouble.  Mothers too often become the human “speed bumps” in such cases, putting their own resources between their children and bad credit or joblessness.

Certainly one of the best ways to honor moms this Mothers’ Day is to recognize their willingness to make such financial sacrifices, but at the same time, doing what is necessary to prevent them.  It means asking moms to do both more and less for their kids:  more financial education and empowerment; less sacrifice of their own financial well-being.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there. I hope you get breakfast in bed, and a wonderful dinner at your favorite restaurant, treated like a queen for the day for the entire day. I also want to wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day… is now an angel in heaven. I know … she was to see me back in Tibet. She’s organizing a squadron of angels to watch over and protect me, and I’m thankful for that. And now she has a new recruit, my wife’s mom who passed away last year at the end of my trip to Everest. But for all of you moms, Happy Mother’s Day. I hope everyone treats you like a queen. I’m going to call my wife and three daughters.

Happy Mother’s day. 


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