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My friends will describe me a person who's least interested in dressing up or buying accessories.

A year ago a close friend was getting married, and I was of course, warned by friends to try and 'look presentable'. I dragged my mother for a bit of shopping, determined to buy something I liked and could be comfortable wearing. It's when I found this pair of earrings and I surprised myself by picking them up. Why? They're the longest pair of earrings I own and they're also the heaviest - quite an achievement for someone known for wearing miniscule, almost invisible earrings.

What made me fall in love with this pair was the colour - it's different and so alluring. And I love the simplicity of the design. When I first bought it, I thought, "Okay. So I'm going to wear this pair just once a year. I mean, how many weddings am I supposed to attend?" On the contrary, I've worn them about more than a dozen times already on a mix of occasions. Some don't believe they actually belong to me.

It's my favourite pair and I keep looking for reasons to wear them. Quite a change from my invisible, boring studs, I'd say. A positive development, if there ever was one.


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