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Who has the most number of engagement rings?

When I went around the office asking this question, I was surprised by the mixed reactions it brought. While some instantaneously delivered the answer, a number of them wouldn’t believe that it was an answerable question.

The answer may not surprise you, but it is Victoria Beckham who has the most number of engagement rings. While it makes sense that the sentimental attachment to the first engagement ring should trump her changing taste, she has up to 13 engagement rings throughout her marriage to David Beckham that are worn on rotation - a collection estimated at £3.8 million.

Whether Mrs. Beckham has a fetish for engagement rings or if she is going to start a new trend of rotating rings, we don’t really know. However, according to Steve Bennett, who valued the collection for the Daily Mail claims that some of her engagement rings may be loaned by friends in the jewellery business. Well, loaned or owned, it really doesn’t matter because her collection had us hooked from the get-go.

Victoria Beckham's marquise-shape diamond engagement ring

1. The growing collection began with a modest £65, 000 3 carat marquise-shaped diamond set on a yellow band; the one that David proposed with in 1998. 

Victoria Beckham's reset marquise-shaped and baguette diamond engagement ring

Image Source: forum.purseblog.com

2.  The diamond was later reset onto a baguette diamond studded band.

Victoria Beckham's diamond encrusted engagement ring band

3. Later in 2002, she chose a modest diamond encrusted band that was worth approximately £5,000.

Victoria Beckham's pear-shaped diamond engagement ring

Image Source: ElleUK

 4. She again upgraded to a pear shaped diamond set in a classic platinum band in 2005. Estimated at between 15 to17 carats the diamond ring is worth £159,000 according to us, out of all the rings this one best suits her Posh Spice alter ego.

Victoria Beckham's oval pink diamond engagement ring

Image Source: Allurez.com

5. Seem to be having a growing penchant for design and diamonds, the fashion designer owns a fancy light pink oval diamond halo engagement ring.

Victoria Beckham's yellow emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Image Source: ElleUK

6. In 2006, her effervescent collection grew to feature a huge £250,000 yellow emerald-cut diamond, set on a yellow triple band.

Victoria Beckham's oval shaped emerald and diamond engagement ring

7. Merely a year later, she added a rich emerald and diamond ring to her selection. A stunner, featuring an oval-shaped emerald with a diamond halo, the ring proves that she is unafraid of experimenting with her style.

Victoria Beckham's ruby and diamond halo engagement ring

Image Source: Ritani

 8. Further experimenting with gemstones, later in 2008 she added a bulbous ruby ring. Again a halo engagement ring, the ring seamless meets the halo while it enhances the curves of the ruby.

Victoria Beckham's radiant-cut diamond engagement ring

9. While attending a Marc Jacobs show in 2009, she was spotted wearing a gorgeous radiant-cut diamond ring set on an encrusted band estimated at half a million pounds.

Victoria Beckham's blue sapphire engagement ring

10. Expanding her jewellery box to include even more gemstone rings, the songstress added an exceptionally massive sapphire design. In a vibrant hue, the gem added a pop of colour that complimented every ensemble.

Victoria Beckham's emerald cut yellow diamond engagement ring

11. In 2014, during the Wimbledon Championships, she was spotted wearing yet another yellow diamond engagement ring. Rumoured to being a present to mark their 15th wedding anniversary, the ring features an emerald-cut diamond on a yellow gold band.

 Victoria Beckham's round halo diamond engagement ring

Image Source: DailyMail

12. Earlier this year, she was spotted wearing a brand new ring at the amfAR gala in Hong Kong.

13. Claimed to be the most expensive ring, Mrs. Beckham probably even owns a heart-shaped diamond ring estimated at more than £1 million.

All images, unless otherwise mentioned, have been sourced from WhoWhatWear.com

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