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Opal- birthstone for October

Why is Opal thought to be bearer of evil and bad luck?

If you’ve laid eyes on an opal, then you’ll agree when I say that it is the most magical gemstone to ever exist. Opal boasts of such magnificence that someone even went as far as poetically describing it as having all the wonder of the sky within its body- rainbows, fireworks and lightning all shifting within its depts. Its beauty is so truly magical that it has been a muse to writers, artists, musicians and many other alike. But for a gemstone whose beauty continues to inspire many, the earlier generations didn’t really share the same level of admiration for opal that we do today.

Flame Queen Opal Redflame queen opal yellow
The Flame Queen Opal

Image Source: jewelsdujor.com & curatedobject.us

In present day, the stone symbolises purity, hope and innocence, but among the ancients, the beliefs were completely different. Perpetuated by folklore and superstition, opal is unfortunately rooted throughout history as a bearer of bad luck and believed to be a vessel of evil.

In the middle ages, nobody wanted to own an opal because of its resemblance to the eyes of several ‘evil’ animals, such as cats. It even grew to become known as a talisman for thieves and spies because of its supposed power to grant its wearer the power of invisibility.

Black Prince Opal- Birthstone for October

Black Prince Opal

Image Source: justcollecting.com

This unfortunate reputation was only accelerated in the early 1800s, when a bestselling novel, Anne of Geierstein by Sir Walter Scott, told of a story wherein the main character dies shortly after drops of holy water accidentally falls on the opal she wore in her hair.

What’s more is that there’s even an ancient Aboriginal legend that says that the opal is actually  the devil, half serpent and half human, and the mystical fire in the gemstone is actually an attempt to lure people into the his lair.

aurora australis opal - birthstone for october

Aurora Australis Opal

Image Source: opalsdownunder.com.au

And, apparently even giving or accepting the gemstone as a gift could bring extremely bad luck, unless you buy it yourself. But if you ever receive an opal as a present, here’s what you do to break the curse- hand over a small sum of money to the person and turn it into a more financial transaction. Whether you believe in the superstition or not, at least it’s a win-win situation.

Despite the bad reputation, the stories of magic have only piqued interest and admiration for this kaleidoscopic stone. From a stone that was thought to be evil eye, it has become known as an Eye Stone, curing all aliments of the eye and even strengthens it. Whether you think of it as a birthstone for October, 14th wedding anniversary gemstone or talisman of evil, the opal will always remain the most magical of all.


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