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This season the runway seemed to display the perfect juxtaposition of beautiful and bizarre. From stand out pearl ornaments to the more demure and subtle floral blooms, there's a little bit of something for every type of trend-wary woman.

Keep reading to find out what your style experiment should be this Fall.


80s Revival

80s Revival - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

High on drama that defined the 80s, think of pieces that are bigger, louder and in deconstructed shapes.



Choker - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

Though the trend continues from Spring, chokers for Fall are a more understated variety of the statement necklace.



Tassels - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

The fringe trend has extended from garments to the jewellery that graced the Fall runway. Lending the element of movement, get jewellery that will dance to the rhythm of your body.



Baroque - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

Richly decorative, baroque jewellery can definitely be an eye full. Pick designs that are heavily studded with gems and stones with a lot of filigree detailing.


Slim chains

Slim chains - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

It’s the return of the slim chain. As we progress from spring’s big and oversize beads of the 70s, this Fall it’s all about long, slender chains. An amalgamation of minimalism and boho chic you can try this trend for work and play.


Floral Motifs

Flowers - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

Brooches, hair pieces, earrings, necklaces and everything else in between, have flowers on them. A romantic trend for the season, this trend is for every type of trend-wary fashion girl.


Single Earrings

Single Earrings - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

The earring story has slowly become a singles party. Standing strong as a top trend for the season, it is best suited if you try this with a really bold statement earring.



Pearls - Fall Jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2015

A growing trend thanks to Givenchy’s pearl studded face piercings, the pearls are finding their way into every woman’s jewellery box this season. Whether you’re inspired by your grandma’s pearls, the infamous Girl with the Pearl Earring or by one of Givenchy’s models there are different pieces you could try.


All images have been sourced from Harpers Bazar.

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