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Anyone with siblings will know that the bond we share with them are truly unique, and for some of us, unbreakable. If you grew up with a brother, sister or both, you’d probably attest to the fact that your siblings have had some kind of influence in your life, and help shape the way we are today.

Since Raksha Bandhan is just a week away, here is a list of 25 things only people with siblings are all too familiar with.

1. EVERY morning started out like this.


2. If you’ve got a sister, then you’d find this EVERYWHERE!


3. Every time you were told how much you look alike, you’d be like


4. You are the youngest if you fell for this lie EVERY TIME!


5. You would try to make them stop crying before you got into trouble.


6. And if you did get into trouble, then you’d see this smug face as you were getting yelled at.

7. There were those rare occasions when your parents choose to take your side. VICTORY!


8. And then your siblings would seek immediate revenge by telling on you in front of your parents.


9. TV time would almost always start like this


10. ... and would end up like this.


11. And if you were playing video games, then it meant that you were either Player 1.


12. ... or Player 2.


13. You may have gone to the same school, so your teachers would always refer to you as ‘­­­­­______s sister/brother’.


14. God forbid you talk to their friends, because this would be their immediate reaction.


15. Road trips would be fun, as soon as you figured out who got to sit in the front seat.


16. Personal space would be very difficult to define.


17. If you were the youngest, there was nothing more frightening than an older sibling drunk on power when they have to babysit you.


18. Over the years you developed your own unique way of communicating


19. You seize every moment to play pranks


20. And mess with each other.


21. Remember those times when you’d be fighting, but then you mom walked in?


22. And the endless times when mom would call you by your siblings name?


23. And those frustrating moments when your sibling would tell you that they ate your sandwich?

24. Come what may, you know they’ve always got our back

25. And will forever be cheering you on.


All gifs, unless otherwise mentioned, have been sourced from Giphy.com

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