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Should I wear it on my left hand?”

“Which finger do I wear it on?”

 “Is it ok if I wore it on my middle finger?”

So you lay your eyes on this ring that you simply have to have. You soon get over the excitement of buying it only to be left debating over which finger of yours should be wearing this ring.

When it comes to rings, it is usually to coordinate with your look. There are times when we even turn to our fashion muse for tips on how to wear them. We’ve learned to stack rings like them; mixing metals and various designs, even gemstone rings serve as a fashionable addition to your look. And under these ornaments lay thousands of years of traditions inspired by different cultures from across the globe.

Finger rings have been around for over 6,000 years, and historically, each ring-bearing finger was identified with different symbols and meanings. For instance, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger because according to beliefs there is a vein, called the ‘vein of love’, that is directly connected to the heart. Similarly, wearing rings on other fingers too have deeper meanings.


The Thumb

The thumb is the only finger independent from all the other; figurative of strength and freedom. The thumb is also said to be connected with one’s inner being. In various cultures, when a ring is worn on this finger, it generally speaks of wealth, will power and logic. Thick rings are best suited for this finger, but if you really want to make a bold statement, slip on thinner designs onto the thumb of your dominant hand.


The Index Finger

The index finger on the right handle symbolizes authority, leadership and ambition, while the left signifies a willingness to follow. In ancient times, the finger was thought to hold a special power, which is why kings and priests would wear rings on it. The finger makes perfect for donning more statement pieces, or even rings that are associated to a group- fraternity ring- or signet ring bearing a family crest.

The Middle Finger

The tallest finger, the middle finger represents individuality and is associated with ones purpose in life. Also, since the finger is located at the centre of the palm, it also symbolizes a balanced life. Because of its sturdiness, the finger is best suited for simple men’s rings, it is ideal for chunkier cocktail rings when it comes to women’s jewellery.

The Ring Finger

Across various cultures, the ring finger on the left hand is reserved for more status defining relationships as the finger represents a connection to the heart. Associated with emotions and creativity, the ring finger is best suited for more elegant designs. However, if you are sans wedding or engagement rings, and want to sport a ring without stirring up assumptions, choose a ring that is more decorative than a simple band.

The Little Finger

Being the opposite to the thumb, the finger of willpower and independence, there are various traditions connected to this finger. Often representing everything about relationships, the little finger is a symbol of strength and bonds with others. Before the World War, many British men would wear their wedding bands on this finger, along with a signet ring that rest above it.

It may not seem like much today as you try to pull and ensemble together, but it will indefinitely add a subtle hint of cultural significance to your style..

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