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Top Jewellery for Eid 2015

Eid is one of the most auspicious times of the year that is celebrated with sumptuous local delicacies, vibrant colours, and most importantly with friends and family. But apart from these, as with every special occasion, the most exciting part is new clothes, and with it new accessories.

On any given occasion, you want to feel and look your best. You spend hours choosing between an ornately embellished anarkali and a regal-looking sharara, to picking out the perfect accessories that will pull your entire look together.  

With Eid around the corner, our experts thought why not go with the celebratory mood and help you make a statement with some of their top picks from Radiant Bay's catalogue.

Top Jewellery for Eid 2015

1. Mughal Princess

Arabesque art with intricate patterns of flowers and framework are synonymous to Mughal design. If your attire is embellished with lavish embroidery, you can try on bracelets inspired by this era to not only add to the old age charm of your look but to also retain the charm of your garment.

Top Jewellery for Eid 2015

2. Ethereal Goddess

Hoops and drop earrings are classics that date back even further than the Greeks and Romans. To look like a bona fide goddess that has walked straight out of a history book, pair a stunning drop earring with an enchanting floral ring to add to your green-eye worthy ensemble.

Top Jewellery for Eid 2015

3. Vintage Glamour

Since vintage classics are eternal, you can pair jewellery that is inspired by the same, maybe even something with a hint of colour. Tie your look together by drawing inspiration from icons of the golden years. You can channel Elizabeth Taylor with an intricately designed medallion pendant or even Marilyn Monroe by stacking on layers of tennis bracelets.

Top Jewellery for Eid 2015

4. Understated Brilliance

For those who don’t like too much sparkle, but would still wish to steal the spotlight, a brilliant cocktail ring is your way to go. If you are wearing a richly embroidered salwar kameez or a gorgeous gown, you can go for a delicately embellished cocktail ring with intricate motifs to complement your attire.

Top Jewellery for Eid 2015

5. Jewellery for men

For men, jewellery is more used as a show of power and individualism. So instead of the typical metal and cord bracelets, statement rings will define your bold and dapper individuality, and even complement your signature style.

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