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7 reasons for celebrating Akshaya Tritiya:

- A brightly glowing Sun represent a pure soul and an exalted Moon signify creative forces that would combine to usher in Satya yuga.

- “Akshaya” means never ending or eternal. When Pandavas where in exile they received an “Akshaya Tritiya” bowl from a sage. That bowl yielded unlimited food and never turned empty. So, fruits of this day are self-replenishing.

- Puranas relate that Lord Ganesha began writing the great epic Mahabharata under the guidance of saint Ved Vyasa. River Ganga descended on earth plane on this day. Lord Kubera became treasurer of the Gods on this day. So, this is indeed a day that is very auspicious.

- Once Sudama, a childhood friend of Krishna came to him seeking financial help. Sudama was very poor and could only a handful of beaten rice for Krishna. Krishna relished it and treated his friend and guest to his palace with warmth. Sudama was embarrassed to ask for help and returned home empty handed. But on his return he found that his old hut had turned into a palace. From that day onwards, the day of Akshaya Tritiya is marked for material gains.

- Goddess Annapoorna, who is propitiated for abundant food and cultivation was also born on this day. She is the divine mother who brings food to the poor and hungry. When anyone makes donation for food to poor on this day, the divine Mother gives her blessings.

- Parashuram, who is the tenth avatar of Vishnu was born on this day. So Vishnu and Lakshmi are worshipped on this day for wealth and prosperity.

- Following the popular belief Akshaya Tritiya 2016 will also be a lucky day for new ventures, initiatives, marriage, home-coming and any major event of life.


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