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April is the month of Diamonds and we’re packing the blog full of all sorts of diamond content, including education, eye candy, and expert advice. Basically everything we can think of to highlight our most favorite gemstone. Check our site for discounts, and you might want to sign up for our emails where you’ll get wind of even more special deals.

diamond earring

Floral Filigree Diamond Danglers

Lucky you, April-born! Diamond is your birthstone—perhaps the most coveted stone of all, and certainly our favorite around here.

Diamonds first hit the historical record in 2500 B.C. when the Chinese discovered their effectiveness at sharpening weapons. By the fourth century B.C., they were traveling along Indian trade routes and by the first century A.D., they were highly prized as adornment by Greeks and Romans.

diamond pendant

Fab Fashion Diamond Pendant

Among its many unique attributes, diamond is the only gemstone comprised of one single mineral: carbon. They result from billions of years of subterranean pressure and heat that bonds those carbon molecules intensely, resulting in the stone’s unique crystalline structure.



Moon Shaped Diamond Mangalsutra


The first known engagement ring set with diamonds occurred in Austria in 1477, when an archduke gave one to his betrothed. But it wasn’t until the mid 20th century when industry heavyweight De Beers created history with their immensely effective ad slogan, “A diamond is forever®,” that diamonds and engagement rings became intrinsically joined as symbols of matrimony.

engagement ring

Wondrous Vow Diamond Engagement Ring






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