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8 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean

If you have been following us closely, you will know that every month we cover a birthstone, telling you about the fascinating tales and myths that surround those gorgeous stones. While like every other aficionado with a penchant for pretty, sparkling jewellery, you will also know that gemstones are have a big moment in the jewellery world today. Though most of us are usually enamoured by the vibrantly coloured these stones are, they are actually a lot more than mere decorative elements.

To appreciate this kaleidoscope of gemstones to the fullest, we are giving you the 411 on 9 gemstones you’ll encounter at Radiant Bay. Offering you a crash course in each of the stone’s history of magic and mystique, we’re going to get you up to speed, covering their symbolism and healing properties that these gems supposedly hold.

As an added bonus, we have scooped out the best pieces of jewellery for every stone that you can shop for at Radiant Bay.

9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Diamond

A gem of fidelity and love, diamonds represent strength and new beginnings, which is why today they are commonly used for engagement rings. With the ability to bring energy, the diamond is said to relieve anxiety, and calm nerves, bringing clarity and calming overactive imaginations .

Night Charmer Diamond Bangle, ₹32,751


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Emerald


A gem that is said to be the wisest, the emerald is a symbol of rebirth and fertility. With the ability to sooth your soul and ignite great passion, the verdant gem will bring you everything from balance and vitality, to harmony and unconditional love. A gemstone for those born in May, the gem is also recommended as the perfect gift for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary.

Secret Garden Emerald Stud Earrings, ₹ 2,932


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Sapphire


Though thought of as a magnificent blue stone, sapphire actually comes in various different colours of purple, green, yellow, pink, white and even black. Popularly known as the stone of wisdom, sapphire is known as one of the most powerful gemstone of all. Symbolising nobility, truth and fidelity, the sapphire is known to deliver powers so incredible that it has the ability to change your life drastically. While wearing sapphire may bring you joy, inner peace and concentration, it can even bring you loss and misfortune.

The Majestic Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring, ₹5,679


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Peridot


Imagine a gem that cleanses you of all the bad energy around you. That’s peridot. Taking in the bad, this olive-green stone will stimulate your energy levels, rejuvenating both, your body and soul.  Typically olive-green in colour, the peridot will bring you peace of mind and even promote self- confidence. And when it comes in a stunning pair of earrings who couldn’t use it?

Peridot Pleasure Diamond Studs, ₹ 18,913


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Morganite


Referred to as ‘pink emerald’, morganite is a salmon-pink stone of love. Said to carry energy that will warm the soul, this gemstone will attract an abundance of love into your life and inspire the joys of experiencing unconditional love. Representing purity and potential, experts say that morganite will also help cleanse the body of stress and anxiety, and bring total balance and harmony of energy.

Vintage Treasure Morganite Pendant, ₹20,801


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Pearl


If you’ve ever gone through your grandma’s jewellery box, then you’ve surely come across a pearl necklace nestled inside it. Considered a staple in the jewellery world, the pearl is associated with fidelity, purity, modesty and friendship.  Thought to give wisdom through experience, wearing pearls is said to cement relationships and promote marital bliss.

Love for Pearl Diamond Pendant, ₹3,936


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Aquamarine


A go-to stone if you are looking for some peace and tranquillity, aquarmire will bring you complete spiritual and physical balance. With the ability to sooth the nerves, believes say that the sea-blue stone will cleanse the mind and promote psychic awareness.

Mystic Legend Aquamarine Danglers, ₹20,400


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Ruby


Associated with some of our most intense emotions, ruby is all about PASSION. While it is considered to be the stone of love, rubies are perfect to not only express you sensuality but ignite a deep passion for life, restoring and increasing your energy and vigour.

Magnificent Ruby Diamond Cocktail Ring, ₹ 25, 024


9 Gemstones You Don’t Know About - and What They Mean- Topaz


A symbol of love and affection, topaz will is said to help its wearers emotionally, and encourage creativity and enlighten them with knowledge and wisdom. Plus, topaz is also known as a ‘lover of gold’, bringing wealth and good fortune to those who wear it.

Empress Blue Topaz Danglers, ₹10, 256



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