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Garnet- Birthstone for January- Radiant Bay
When we think about garnets, we usually envision a rust-red stone delicately set into a stunning piece of jewellery. But in fact, garnets have a lot more to offer than just its deep hue and ornamental purposes. Found in a variety of colours- except blue- garnets are among the most ancient talismans known to mankind that were valued for its protective and therapeutic powers.

Antique Pyrope Hairpin- Radiant Bay- Birthstone for January- GIA
Antique Pyrope Hairpin
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Popular amongst the early civilisations, garnets have always had a longstanding history as the stone of health and protection.
According to one of these legends, Noah was said to have used a finely cut garnet stone to illuminate the ark during the dark days and nights. And in Greek mythology, the gems namesake, the pomegranate, was believed to represent a gift of love and associated with eternity. Because of this lore, the garnet still continues to be a token of love and is traditionally presented on one’s 2nd wedding anniversary.

Spessartine Butterfly- Birthstone for January

Spessartine Butterfly
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Furthermore, the stunning gemstone was also thought to symbolise quick return and separated love, because as legends hold, Greek god Hades had presented Persephone with a pomegranate before she left him to ensure of her speedy return. Because of this hopelessly-romantic myth the garnet is used as a talisman, presented to your significant other before they embark on a trip.

68.82-Carat Tsavorite

68.82 Carat Tsavorite
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Since symbolism of colour played a major role in crystal healing, traditional folklore created a strong link between garnets and blood, leading early civilizations to use garnets to heal haemorrhages, purifies the blood and many other diseases.
Accredited with powers to ward off evil spirits and nightmares, inspire contemplation, trust and fidelity, the true magic of garnet lies solely in your belief in the gemstone and how you receive its mythical powers.

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