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Turquoise- birthstone for December

What does Turquoise symbolize?

When I say ‘turquoise’ the first thing that will probably pop into your mind is an image of a gorgeous sky-blue rock with spidery veining all over it. Though this image may be just as glorious as the actual gemstone itself, its magnificence has been honoured throughout history with lores and legends that will make you appreciate its beauty even more.

For centuries, the turquoise has had a long standing history of possessing powers of protection and luck, gaining popularity about kings, shamans and warriors alike. One even encapsulated its beauty, poetically describing it as a stone of protection, strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, healing to the eye, as if carved from an azure heaven that slipped on to earth.

King Tutankhamun's Fruneral Mask

King Tutankhamun's Funeral Mask
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As one of the oldest gems known to man, turquoise has always been valued by many, treasured for its special powers for centuries to come. Having spanned various cultures, its history is filled with probably the most number of legends than any other gemstone we know today.

Many of the early civilizations, be it the Egyptians, the Incans or even the Native Americans, they all believed the cerulean gem to be a sacred stone. Popular among the early Egyptians, most of the myths we hear today were in fact developed by the Egyptians themselves. Believing that the colour blue was a symbol of rebirth, they treasured the stone for both, ornamental and spiritual purposes.

These beliefs have only evolved over time, moving from one civilisation to the next, slowly unfolding to suit the culture of that time. Perpetually referred to as a stone of wisdom, nobility and immortality, people began wearing turquoise for many different reasons, be it protection from evil-eye or to bring luck.

Turquoise Aztec Serpent

Aztec Serpent
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The stone has even been accredited with the power to reflect the physical condition of its wearers; its colour fading when worn by someone ill and gradually recover its colour when worn by someone healthy. After its use as a simple amulet attached to a horse’s bridle to keep riders from falling, turquoise is today regarded as the protective stone of pilots, aircrew and any other occupational groups exposed to high degrees of risk. 

With history running through its veins, turquoise today is worn to promote creativity, facilitate leadership, alleviate migraines and even bring balance. Whether you think of it as a birthstone for December, the perfect gift for your 11th wedding anniversary or a bearer of luck and fortune, you can create your own definition of what turquoise mean to you.

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