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topaz- birthstone for November

Does Topaz really bring good luck and good health?

Much like the magnificent gemstones that we have talked about previously, topaz too has a long-standing history of captivating the hearts and imaginations of many. The stone’s intriguing mythology and folklore continue to fascinate gemstone aficionados even today.

Perpetuated as a stone of beauty and splendour, throughout history there have been several different beliefs developed about the stone- a history that goes back about two thousand years.

Since the stone is popularly known for its golden colour variation, yellow topaz has become synonymous with light and heat. In fact, topaz derives its name from the Sanskrit word 'tapas' meaning 'fire'.

the American Golden Topaz

The 22,982-carat American Golden
Image Source:

This journey of captivating humankind begins in ancient India, where it was commonly believed that if worn as a pendant, the majestic stone would help relieve thirst, sharpen the mind and even lengthen one’s life. Some of the earliest civilizations- Ancient Egypt and Rome- even associated topaz with the sun gods, Ra and Apollo respectively. Beliefs later developed in to a Greek legend wherein the stone was believed to have such power that it could increase one’s physical and mental health.

Deeply rooted in history as the bearer of luck and protection, much of these beliefs are prevalent even today. Today, topaz has become a popular talisman, attributed to aiding its wearer’s health. From calming nerves and anger, aiding sleep and eliminating nightmares to helping with the digestions and depression.

Imperial Topaz

The 97.45-ct Blaze Imperial Topaz
Image Source: GIA

Apart from this, topaz is also known as the 'lover of gold', used to bring wealth and money.  People value the stone so much so that even dreaming of topaz is said to indicate that good fortune is on its way.

But despite what history and folklore tell of this regal stone, the magic and mystical power of topaz lays in your hands. Whether you choose to believe it to be a talisman of good luck, a humble birthstone for November borns or even a special gift for someone's 23rd wedding anniversary, you can build your own fascinating story and add to the grown tales of topaz.

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