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4 of the most famous sapphires

Sapphires happen to be one of the most sought after gemstone on Earth- and why shouldn’t it be? Flaunting magnificent beauty, vibrant colour and incredible strength, the gemstone has some of the most intriguing stories attached to it.

Although the sapphire comes in various colours, its blue hue is the most popular, because of which it has become a symbol of heaven, nobility, truth and fidelity. For centuries, it was common belief that sapphire has the powers to bring wealth, as well as protection from envy. The sapphire’s powers were believed to even go as far as testing a woman’s fidelity; it is said that the sapphire would simply darken if they were being unfaithful.

Given the history of legends and lust for the bewitching gemstone, it is no revelation that there are several examples of legendary sapphires.

4. Star of Bombay

star of bombay sapphire- 4 of the most famous sapphires

Image Credit: lovingnewyork.co.uk

Namesake of the popular gin Bombay Sapphire, the gem is a 182 carat cabochon star sapphire from Sri Lanka and is considered to be one of the world’s largest. Acquired by Trabert & Hoeffer Inc, the gem was first set into a platinum ring, later purchased by famous silent film star, Douglas Fairbanks as a present for actress, Mary Pickford.

After her death, the gem was donated to the Smithsonian, where it lies to this day.


3. Logan Sapphire

the logan sapphire- 4 of the most famous sapphires

Image Credit: Flickr

The finest and second largest sapphire in the world, the Logan Sapphire is a gorgeous 422.99 carat gem from the mines of Sri Lanka. Namesake of a Mrs. John Logan, the gemstone was later donated to the Smithsonian and is said to be the heaviest mounted gem in the collection.


2. Queen Mary of Romania Sapphire

Queen Mary of Romania Sapphire - 4 of the most famous sapphires

Image Credit: suggestkeyword.com

A stunning example of Sri Lankan craftsmanship, the gem was purchased by King Ferdinand of Romania for Queen Marie to match the equally extraordinary tiara worn for her coronation.

As the world’s most famous and historic sapphire, the gem was later acquire by jeweller Harry Winston, subsequently incorporating the 478. 68 carat sapphire into the platinum pendant seen in the picture.


1. The Black Star Of Queensland

the black star of queensland- 4 of the most famous sapphires

Image Credit: thestar.com

Since the sapphire was commonly known as a blue gemstone, when the 1,156 carat black sapphire was discovered it ended up being used as a humble door stop. And the Spencer family, the original owners of the stone, remained completely oblivious of its true value for more than a DECADE. In addition, the sapphire’s brilliant six-spoke star that it presently displays wasn’t even revealed until it was sold off and studied by jeweller, Harry Kazanjian.

Though it was later sold to an anonymous buyer, the Kazanjian family still attributes their success to the gorgeous sapphire, as ever since they purchased the gem the family business saw a surge in growth which eventually led them to become the world’s leading gem dealers.


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