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While some of us may belong to a circle of close knit friends, all too often most of us may even socialise with them more online than in real life. We live in a world where we can simply make friends by sending requests. We will usually catch up with friends over Facebook or try to cram a message in 140 characters.

Since Friendship Day is one of the most popular days to go out with friends, and maybe even replace a ratty old friendship bracelet with a new one, we came up with different types of friends most of us usually have.

From the chronic instagrammer to the adventurer and everyone in between, these are the people who give meaning to our lives regardless of the roles they play. Which one are you?

1. The Social Butterfly

This is that friend whose social skills we greatly desire - the one who can survive a party with strangers, strike up conversations about anything with anyone, even dancing alone is something within his/ her comfort zone.

2. The Wallflower

They are the ones who often are on the sidelines of any party. While everyone is drinking and dancing, they are simply observing everything.


3. The Itinerary Owner

God forbid you’re late or have to cancel, because this is that one friend who simply cannot go with the flow. From the location to the exact minute you arrange to meet with them, everything is planned out to a T.


4. The Party Animal

Never to turn down a chance to party, this friend  believes that a stiff drink is pretty much the solution to any problem. When you hang out with him/ her, you tend to debate between wanting to party together and wanting to check this one  into rehab. Of course, we choose the former!


5. The Shopping Buddy

This friend is literally on the same retail wavelength as you. S/he's usually the one leading the queue when there's a sale, likes the same stores, will give it to you straight if you don’t look good in something, and isn’t ready to leave within four minutes of entering a store. Her/his inbox is probably loaded with newsletters about the latest deals around town.


6. The Zen One

You don’t need to say it when there’s a storm in your head. This friend sees it, and then calms you down. Sometimes, or most of the time, just this friend’s presence puts all problems into another bucket.


7. The Chronic Instagrammer

While we’re usually cracking up about something, we have this one friend who can’t stop clicking and uploading photographs onto his/ her Instagram channel. Photographs could range from yummy food to the pup walking on the other side of the road.


8. The Selfie Queen/King

You know that friend whose agenda is to take selfies every night out. Her instagram is loaded with perfectly clicked selfies, taken from every angle possible, with each and every person they hung out with. 

 9. The Long Distance Friend

This friend has either moved to another state or country for studies, or married and relocated. But that doesn’t pause friendship, does it? Text, Skype and FaceTime, and every other app out there are the only modes of communication between the two.

10. The Counsellor

This friend is the one who gives  the most relevant  advice. There are times when you really don’t need the gyaan, but it’s so good, you have to listen to this friend just because the advice makes so much sense.


11. The Adventurer

Right from stepping into a movie theatre all alone to travelling to new places and meeting new people, this friend does it all. Sometimes, the routine might hold him/her back, but then it doesn’t hold him/ her back from exploring more opportunities to keep exploring.


12. The Free Spirit

This friend usually goes against the flow and lives by their own rules. They are the ones who usually want the future to be unpredictable and exciting, i.e. horrible at making plans, and love trying out new things.


13. The Enabler

You’re trying to kick shopaholism and maybe even cutting back on carbs, this friend is going to stick by your side, helping you through it… by taking you shopping and getting you a jelly donut and a Grand Caffe Latte.


14. The Gym Rat

This is that friend who has their daily workouts mapped on their Google calendar, and is probably the only thing they remember. While you are busy having a soda, they’re having a protein shake they swear is absolutely delicious.


15. The Joker 

When things get a little heated, this friend is always there to lighten the mood and bring some comic relief to the group. This friend is just funny all the time.

16. The Flirt 

The one who has a smooth way with words. He/ she can take you on a tour just with his/ her words. This is  the friend who just can’t turn it off - always turning their charm on anyone and everyone.

17. The Accountant

The group has had a long night, and you guys call for the cheque; this friend sits upright with a pen and paper to make sure everyone pays only how much they’ve had. They make sure vegetarians don’t pay for what the non-vegetarians have consumed.

18. The Fashionista

Their whole world revolves around fashion. They’re usually the ones who watch TV shows based on the types of clothes the characters wear. For them, fashion is a deal breaker on whether you’re going to watch the show or not. 


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19. The Intellectual 

Always on point with their general knowledge, this friend can put everyone to shame with their incredibly high IQ levels. That doesn’t mean this friend doesn’t bullshit. It’s just that it’s done in the same style.

 20. The Super Fan 

They schedule their lives around the IPL, FIFA, and every other championship under the sun. They’re someone you’ll run into at the sports bar, watching the game... and wearing the opposing team’s jersey.  

 21. The Punny One

Say a word, and then there's a pun that follows. And it doesn't stop.


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