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Diamonds have been traditionally known as the birthstone of those born in April since it was listed by the American National Association of Jewellers. Like most jewellery enthusiasts, I too have been hypnotised by their bewitching sparkle, and maybe you will be as enthralled by the history and lore that lace this rare gem as I had.


The diamond is one of the best known gemstones in the world. This much coveted stone derives its name from the Greek word “adamus” meaning “unbreakable”. Aptly named, the stone is renowned for its magnificent durability, rating 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness- making the diamond the hardest natural material on Earth.

The world’s love affair with the diamond dates back, approximately, 6000 years when it was first discovered in India along the rivers Penner, Krishna and Godavari. India only remained the major source of diamonds till it was discovered in Brazil, slowly elsewhere in the world.

Traditionally, diamonds are symbolic of everlasting love. Enchantingly, the Greeks even interpreted the fire of the diamond as the flame of eternal love.

Widely recognised by its colourlessness, fancy coloured diamonds have begun gaining popularity today. Fancy coloured diamonds are natural, rare and truly exotic; coming in a range of hues- black, pink, yellow, red, green, purple- and intensity –from vivid to faint, depending on the quirks and the type of impurities in the diamond.

Diamond the Birthstone of the April born

Traditionally, diamonds have been known as the birthstone of those born in April. This invincible stone is one of the most sought- after gemstone, best known for its hypnotic sparkle and superlative strength, making it the ultimate birthday gift. Wearing diamonds brings its wearer benefits like balance, increased inner strength, clarity and prosperity.

Tales & Lore

There is probably no other gemstone laced with folklore like the indestructible diamond. There are ancient theories proclaiming the diamonds magical healing powers.

There have been myths that  when heated and taken to bed, the crystal would draw out harmful toxins that crippled the body. It was even believed that diamonds could affect a individual’s balance and clarity, and could boost their energy when combined with other crystals like amethyst.

Wear & Care

Like I’ve said before, diamonds are known as the hardest natural material on earth. It is so hard that diamonds are used to cut other diamonds. So to prevent your diamonds from getting scratched, and to prevent your other jewellery from damage, store your diamond jewellery separately in secure boxes or in pouched with a fabric lining.

Diamonds though indestructible do get scratched and damaged. You should avoid wearing your diamonds when doing any work.

Famous Diamonds

Blue Hope, The Taylor-Burton, Koh- I- Noor

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