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Midi rings as Toe Rings — Because of their adjustable nature, our collection of sterling silver and Gold midi rings are perfect as toe rings. Forefinger rings are a hot trend right now and you can ensure they will not get lost because you can shape them to perfectly fit your finger. Stack them on top of each other or wear one on multiple fingers.

Rings as pendants — anyone remember on “Sex in the City” how Carrie wore her engagement ring from Aiden on a chain so it was closer to her heart? This is a fun way to wear one of your favorite rings that is sentimental to you. Moms can wear a birthstone ring for each of her children (the perfect Mother’s Day gift!) or you can keep your engagement ring on a long chain under your shirt for travel. Shop our sterling silver chain necklaces for the perfect necklace.

Bracelets as Anklets Bracelets doubling up as totally trendy anklets you can wear over your stilettos. Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, here it is commonly known as Payal. These Bracelets which we have you can easily double up and use it as your anklets. This looks as elegant as it would look on your hands. The chic, stylish ankle wrap look can be worn anywhere that you just want to add a little sparkle to your outfit. Don’t be shy, be bold and show the world how you shine!!

Kid’s Jewelry Pendant’s as Charm’s Offering you a plethora of intricate pieces of jewelry to choose from, at Radiant Bay we have one of the best kid jewelry you can find, but as fate would have it children’s do grow and when they grow these kids jewelry seem to get smaller. We have got a solution for that also you can certainly use these pendants as charms for the bracelet as it’s the latest sensation among the teens. So shop from our vast collection of jewelry.

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