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I was a little girl of five when my mother took me to get my ears pierced. I still remember howling even though my younger cousin who was just three-years-old complained only of a slight tickling. After that moment withdrew itself to never come back, my mother presented me with a dainty pair of diamond earrings. It was the first time I’d held real diamonds in my palm and the memory is still vivid.

Then one day, when I was 12-years-old, my mother dragged me along with her to run a million errands. Then she met the jeweller. While she conversed, a pretty diamond ring caught my attention. It was spiral shaped with tiny leaves shooting out of it. I couldn't get my eyes off the ring, so I asked mother if I could have it. And she let me have it.

Years passed. My ring stayed with me even when I left the country to complete my studies. I moved to New York where I worked at an investment bank and then at a hedge fund for a few years.

Back in India on a break, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She would wear these lovely diamond studded bands on her fingers - nothing over the top, something for everyday use. When I was returning to New York, she took them off her fingers and gave them to me. It's been about seven years and I wear them every single day till today.

As I mentioned earlier, I was an investment banker. I know it's a cliché but necessity is the mother of invention. I was trying to find wearable but stylish real diamond jewellery that I could easily pair with my daily wear, and all the catalogues I scoped through in India were heavily geared toward Indian clothing. I understand that most people wear precious jewellery to weddings and formal occasions, but a lot of women do wear jewellery when they go to work or if they’re just stepping out. So why can't the everyday be special and stylish? Why shouldn't it make a statement, even if it's understated? Whether simple studs, or a pair of funky drops, a catalogue of statement making pieces in affordable fine jewellery was absent.

We do think of our precious jewellery as an investment but since it also becomes something we wear often, it is an extension of our personality, isn't it? 

I also found the element of versatility missing. The woman of today can be very experimental and she might go from a kurta to crop top within seconds. When it comes to fine jewellery and diamonds, why should there be no one to cater to all her moods?

I could see friends around me requesting their jewellers to make lookalikes from western jewellery brands or buy their everyday and gifting pieces from foreign markets.

This gap led me to search for a partner who was the best-in-class in terms of manufacturing and creating products. Jewellery making is a very fine art and the process as you will soon see requires a very high level of attention to detail, skilled craftsmen, and superior facilities. Once I found the right partner, there was no reason to think twice.

Jewellery completely changes your look and mood. You'll notice that even a little bit of sparkle will make you look brighter, more confident. 

Our brand Radiant Bay is not catering to a woman from any one city or culture. We're talking to modern women all across the globe. So what better than online? Our 3D printing technology allows us to create affordable jewellery from scratch, on an unmatched schedule, and cater to the changes in trends and tastes. To be able to do this and iterate from constant customer feedback, being online is essential. 

I’d like to believe that Radiant Bay is the only online jewellery brand in India that is by women for women. What you will find at Radiant Bay is an unparalleled jewellery catalogue for both everyday-wear and formal wear. We will be launching between 50 and 100 new designs every week. As we are supported by a manufacturer that has been creating beautiful pieces for more than 15 years, you can also expect superior product quality in terms of both material and making. Every product we ship to you is certified and insured, and a dedicated customer service team is at your service to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For women, jewellery is much more than the intrinsic investment value that is attached to it. It is about turning heads and it is also about emotions. Be it a glittering diamond pendant that you purchased from your first bonus, or a fun bauble you shopped from the street - every piece has a story.

A jewellery box is full of stories - pieces we coveted and purchased or those that were gifted to us by our loved ones.  When we wear jewellery, we are indulging and embellishing ourselves. We feel attractive and stylish. We wear who we are.

We would love to be a part of your every day story.

Warm wishes,

Namrata Kothari
CEO and Co-Founder, Radiant Bay

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