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Aquamarine- Birthstone for March
What are the different myths and lores attached to the aquamarine?


Today, many of us have jewellery boxes filled with precious treasures that are perceived as an extension of ourselves. However, this always wasn’t always the case; in earlier times gemstones were commonly used as talismans. One of history's most storied gems, aquamarine is popularly known as a stone of balance and protection.

With a lonstanding history with mankind, the aquamarine, deriving its name from the Latin words ‘aqua’ (seawater) and ‘marina’ (of the sea), it is no wonder that it was carried around by sailors. Believed to protect them at sea, the azure stone guaranteed them a safe and prosperous journey through the seas. Some legends even claim that aquamarine originated in the treasure chests of mermaids.

Aquamarine- Birthstone for March- Dom Pedro aquamarine obelisk

10,395-ct. Dom Pedro aquamarine obelisk

Image Credits: The Online Jeweller

In addition to calming stormy seas, the vitreous stone was often thought to have a soothing affect on relationships, especially on married couples; an ancient roman legend stating: ‘ when blessed and worn, it joins in love and does greater things.’ With legends claiming a soothing influence on couples, its powers to reawaken love and ensure a long and happy married life are why they make perfect anniversary gifts.

Queen Elizabeth Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara- Aquamarine- Birthstone for March

Queen Elizabeth Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara

Image Credits: People Magazine

Though a gemstone of ancient lineage with old age traditions, aquamarine holds a considerable number of superstitions, but in new age beliefs the aquamarine is considered to be an all purpose healing stone. Accredited with the porwers to treat both spiritual and psychological issues, the gem will calm your nerves, and bring balance to your inner being.A remarkable stone used for meditations, aquamarine will enable you to explore the deepest, darkest depths of your souls, bringing you face to face with yourself, bringing you inner peace and tranquillity.

Though aquamarine is identified as a symbol of beauty, honesty and loyalty, anyone can wear the glassy gemstone. 

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